What is DTEP?

2021/05/27 12:00:00

DTEP is the native cryptocurrency on the Decoin platform which was created to provide highly efficient crypto exchange services. It offers numerous advantages thanks to its special use case but understanding how the exchange platform works is necessary so that users and investors can fully understand DTEP’s special use case.

Special use case

There are many crypto exchanges in existence and DeCoin is one of them but it takes a unique approach that makes it attractive compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. DeCoin is a regulated exchange whose approach to the market includes listing cryptocurrencies that have growth potential and offering affordable exchange services. Regulation is an important aspect of attracting investors because it ensures a higher level of protection for investors and the assurance that they are trading with a reputable company.

DTEP plays a central role in providing cheaper transaction fees and other exchange-related charges. For example, users on the platform are only subjected to a 0.15% maximum commission per trade but DTEP holders pay half the commission at 0.075%, thus the first major incentive to own the cryptocurrency. Another key advantage is the DTEP-powered debit and credit cards that make it extremely easy for users to deposit or withdraw funds from the exchange.

Investment opportunities provided by DTEP

The DeCoin exchange runs on a proprietary blockchain with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This approach is faster and more efficient than the proof-of-work consensus used by many other cryptocurrency blockchain solutions.

The proof-of-stake mechanism requires DTEP holders to stake their coins, allowing them to participate in block creation by acting as block validators. The annual staking reward on the DeCoin PoS consensus mechanism is 6.2%, which means DTEP holders can earn a substantial amount of passive income. For example, if you buy DTEP worth $1,000 at a price of $0.097 and stake it, you will earn 639 DTEP from staking every year. The payout will depend on the value of DTEP, which means an investor could passively earn $639 annually if the price of DTEP were to reach $1. Investors can secure higher potential earnings from staking by investing early when the price of DTEP is still low. Staking allows DTEP holders to participate in the operations of the exchange and earn passive income from transactions.

DTEP should become more and more valuable as the Decoin platform grows and becomes more popular. If so, it will be a great income avenue for its holders especially those who will participate in the PoS consensus. Scarcity is another reason why Decoin’s native cryptocurrency is poised to grow substantially in the future. The cryptocurrency has a maximum supply of 140 million DTEP, of which, only 70 million coins will be distributed. The lower the supply of a coin, the more potential value it can have over time, especially if it has a compelling use case. In this case, DTEP’s utility means it is a great opportunity for investors looking for passive growth opportunities.

Security, real-world transactions, and availability

Decoin recognizes the importance of having the right security measures to protect the assets on its platform. The exchange stores 97% of the crypto assets on its platform in cold wallets that cannot be hacked. It uses the remaining 3% in hot wallets to facilitate operations on the exchange. The user interface features multi-layered authentication processes to protect user accounts on the exchange. DTEP holders can thus rest assured that their assets are protected.

Decoin also plans to use DTEP to facilitate real-world transactions and mass adoption through the Decoin debit card program. The debit cards will facilitate the conversion of crypto to fiat, thus enabling holders to use them for regular purchases. It will be the ideal way for investors to spend their crypto gains on real-world purchases.

The cards will be available in different tiers including Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black. The higher the tier, the higher the investment requirement but also the lower the transaction costs and commission charges.

DTEP holders can use their coins to participate in ICOs and earn bonus profits from cash-outs in the Decoin crypto index. DTEP is currently available for purchase on the Deoin exchange and some OTC platforms.


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