Decoin Partners Up with Most Promising Game of 2022

2021/12/22 12:00:00
Dear Decoiner,
Make sure you’re part of this incredible opportunity!
Blockchain technology is growing rapidly beyond just cryptocurrencies. New blockchain products, DeFi solutions and even games are emerging every day with plenty of lucrative investment opportunities.
At Decoin, we are always on the lookout for fantastic new blockchain projects that will allow us to be part of this evolving ecosystem including the metaverse and NFTs.
We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with a blockchain startup with a planned lineup of riveting play to earn games, called The Six Musk-O-Tiers. The first game in the series is Let’s Get Floki. This metaverse game is unlike anything in the market and players will be able to earn MSKO tokens just by playing. There will also be an NFT marketplace that will generate a tremendous amount of value for MSKO. The MSKO token will, in the future, be listed on various crypto exchanges and allow investors and players to reap the rewards.
As a valued client of Decoin, we invite you to be an early investor in this new crypto project. The private sale for MSKO tokens is now live and you can benefit from this with a 35% discount off the planned public sale launch price.
To learn more about The Six Musk-O-Tiers and to view the whitepaper, you can visit the site here: or watch the game trailer here: The Six Musk-O-Tiers - Episode One - Let's Get Floki - YouTube
There is a limited number of MSKO tokens available for the private sale, so your opportunity to invest early is now. Simply email now for the prospectus and to make sure you are part of this incredible project.
The Decoin Team
Patrick Smith United States

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