Your chance for a brand new iPhone 12!

2022/02/02 12:00:00

Dear Decoin User,

Decoin introduces a new lottery! winners will win an iPhone 12! 

Competition period:
2022/02/02 3:00 PM - 2022/02/12 03:00 PM(UTC)  

How to get a lucky ticket:
Each user that will trade NEXM with volume of $1000 or more will get a ticket number in an email which will be 2 random digits.
How to win:
Winners will be determined by matching their code with the 2 last digits of the first ETH block hash after 2022/02/12 3:00 PM(UTC)

Terms and conditions: 
* Decoin team will contact the winning ticket holder to get an address for the iPhone shipping.
* Winners will be able to convert the iPhone pro with equivalent BTC value.
* Each $1000 trading amount will be rewarded with 1 ticket. (i.e - $250 deposit will be rewarded with 2 tickets). 

* Maximum daily tickets per user is 10 tickets.

Patrick Smith United States

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