BMW Lottery!

2020/06/03 12:00:00
We are excited to announce our biggest lottery yet. All participants will be given the chance to win a brand new BMW 1 Series.
Lottery promotion will run from 10:00 AM GMT June 03, 2020 to 10:00 AM GMT June 24, 2020. Decoin will announce the winners on June 25, 2020.
During the promotion, Decoin users will be able to gain lottery tickets that will increase their chances of winning the big prize.

How to gain lottery tickets:

· Trade $4000 in trading volume to get 1 lottery ticket.
· Every friend you invite using your referral link that will deposit 500$ or more, will earn you 1 lottery ticket
· For every $500 buy of DTEP you will get 1 lottery ticket.
· For every $1000 purchase of any cryptocurrency using credit card you will get 1 lottery ticket.
For example: User reaches $13,000 in trading volume (gets 3 tickets), invites 1 friend that deposits $300 (gains 0 tickets), buys $1200 worth of DTEP (gets 2 tickets) and purchases cryptocurrency with amount of $5000 (gets 5 tickets). The user accumulated a total of 10 tickets.

How to win :

Each lottery ticket is 4 random digits. Winners will be determined by matching their code with the last 4 digits of the first ETH block hash after 10:00 AM GMT June 25, 2020

Notes and Terms:

· All participants will get emails during the period of the lottery promotion that will include all accumulated tickets gained. Emails will be sent on 10,17 and 24 June 2020
·  Decoin will announce the winners on June 25, 2020
· Users can trade any of the crypto assets available on Decoin Exchange. Trading volume will be paired to USDT value
· Decoin team will contact the winning ticket holder to get an address for BMW 1 Series shipping
· Winners will be able to convert the BMW 1 Series with equivalent BTC value
· Engaging in trades of cryptocurrencies may be highly risky. Please do not use Decoin’s Services for trading in digital assets if you do not understand these risks.