BOBC is now on Decoin!

2022/03/10 12:00:00
Dear Decoiner,
We are excited to announce the listing of Bobcoin!
Trade it now!
BOBC Bobcoin — The Social Asset Coin, Tesla killer
Bobcoin is the first for-profit social crypto, linked to electric vehicles helping people in developing countries to make a living and clean the environment. Bob Eco (the company behind bobcoin) produces and leases out electric motorcycles and controls the charging network for battery swapping. Bob Eco has embedded a social impact into the heart of its business. Employment creation and environmental protection as its corporate priorities whilst allowing coin holders to make a good return. Bob Eco offers asset finance to spur human potential across emerging markets. The project challenges the status quo and offers underserved people a frictionless opportunity to purchase a Bob motorcycle and start a stable income.
The Decoin Team
Patrick Smith United States

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