ZRX Giveaway!

2020/07/13 12:00:00
Trade at least $50 in trading volume during July 13nd, 10 AM GMT to July 22th, 10 AM GMT and you will be included in the 70,000 ZRX split distribution. 
All traders crossing the $50 trading volume within the defined giveaway period will split the 70,000 ZRX reward in proportion to their accumulated trading volume.
Notes and Terms:
* Users can trade ZRX/USDT or ZRX/BTC on Decoin Exchange. Trading volume will be paired to USDT value.
* Engaging in trades of cryptocurrencies may be highly risky. Please do not use Decoin’s Services for trading in digital assets if you do not understand these risks.
* Distribution of funds will take place at July 23, 2020
Patrick Smith United States

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