Win 1 BTC!!!

2020/08/10 12:00:00
Decoin introduces a 1 BTC lucky raffle! 

How to get a lucky ticket:
Each user that will deposit $99 or more (USDT or other cryptocurrency) to his Decoin account will get a ticket number which will be 3 random digits. Tickets will be sent via email.
How to win:
Winners will be determined by matching their code with the 3 last digits of the first ETH block hash after 10 am GMT at 24.08.20
Details :
* Each $99 deposited amount will be rewarded with 1 ticket with maximum of 20 tickets per user (i.e - $200 deposit will be rewarded with 2 tickets, $10000 deposit will be rewarded with 20 tickets).
* Decoin reserves the right to exclude users from the promotion if any suspicious activity will be detected