DTrade- Unique Product!

2020/10/17 12:00:00
Dear Decoiner’s,
We are proud to announce that we have reached the final stages of our leading project we passionately call Dtrade.

IT would be a game-changer in the crypto trading Community.
That is why we are looking for 50 Lucky participants for the first-ever beta testing session. 
The event is scheduled for the 29th of October at 7:30 GMT.
You can be one of the first users to experience the Pro-social trading evolution.
All selected users will get a funded account. 
An International top trader will Stream live
Would includes a trading session for about 60 minutes.
After the session ends, all participants will need to fill in a feedback form for later use.
We only want to improve and grow with our community. 
It would be an honor and privilege to have you on board with us.
Be part of the Decoin history, and join the lucky few.
Best regard,
The Decoin team.
Patrick Smith United States

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