ETH leverage pairs are now live!

2020/12/24 12:00:00

Dear Decoin community, 

Starting from today you can trade ETH/USDT X+3 and ETH/USDT X-3 leverage pairs.

ETH/USDTX+3, ETH/USDTX-3 price change reflects the price change of ETH/USTD multiple by 3, -3 respectively. 

Leverage pairs increase the potential of your P&L. 

For example, ETH/USDT X -3 leverage pair price change is the ETH/USDT price change multiple by 3. 

Movement of -1% in price change on ETH/USDT will be reflected in the BTC X -3 pair as +3% change, and vice versa, +1% will be reflected as -3% change. 

In order to protect our user's capital, all leverage pairs will be expired every day at 16:00 (UTC) and trading will be halted for 5 minutes. 

Correspondingly equivalent USDT amount will be distributed to leverage pairs holders based on the last price of the leverage pair before it expires.

After 5 minutes of the trading halt phase, the leverage pair will be renewed with a new base price and users will be able to trade it again.


Pay Attention: 

Leverage trading is extremely risky and magnifies the potential profit or loss of each trade

Kind regards! 

Trade now!

Patrick Smith United States

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