Innovation Party on Decoin!

2021/05/12 12:00:00
Dear Decoin User,
We are excited to announce the listing of 6 innovative projects to Decoin exchange!
SHIBA INUSafeMoonBonfireUniLayerElongate and Pancakeswap are now available for trading on Decoin.
We welcome those projects with a big promotion:
Get 10 USDT straight to your account for every $10,000 in trading volume that you will be trading on one of the above, up to a bonus of 100 USDT. For example:
Trading Bonfire with 20k volume and Pancakeswap with 15k volume will be granted to you a 30 USDT bonus.
Promotion period ends on May 19th at 10:00 AM (UTC).
bonuses will be distributed on May 20th
Patrick Smith United States

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