Impersonated Decoin support in Telegram

To prevent phishing attacks and other forms of impersonation, please follow these precautions:

-          Always use Decoin’s official website ( to sign in and trade. Add Decoin’s official website to your browser’s bookmarks to reduce your chances of encountering phishing sites.

-          Decoin will never ask you to send money to any address for any reason. Scammers usually ask victims to deposit a small amount of fund to an address for identification. Report these users to an administrator privately

-          Decoin shall not ask you for your account name, password or 2FA information

-          Only use the following official Decoin channels:  Telegram (, Facebook (, Twitter (

-          Most importantly, if you have any suspicions, questions, or doubts - feel free to contact us to make sure you are speaking with real Decoin representatives.