Earn a 6.2% Return Staking DTEP!

2019/12/27 12:00:00

Decoin is proud to announce the Decoin (DTEP) staking distribution.

What does it mean ? 
It means you can start earning instant rewards by just holding DTEP in your online Decoin exchange wallet ! 
How much rewards and how often do I get the payout ? 
Start earning rewards instantly by just holding DTEP in your wallet on Decoin exchange. The staking reward is 6.2% annually from the available balance you have in your DTEP wallet.  Payouts are distributed daily to your wallet. 
What is the DTEP staking procedure ? 
DTEP coin is a POS (proof of stake) protocol (unlike proof of work such as Bitcoin) it means that the proofs of blocks in the blockchain of DTEP are not done by mining of complicated mathematics calculations, but evenly distributed between all the blockchain members which are holding DTEP in their wallets on the exchange or on a Decoin desktop wallet. That way, the reward being distributed for signing the blocks (like mining reward in bitcoin) are distributed evenly between all members, in the relative amount of DTEP which are being holded in their wallet. 
Decoin continue to maximize the benefits for users holding Decoin (DTEP) coin on Decoin exchange platform. This exciting news of staking reward adds up to the significant discount in trading fees which are taken down from 0.15% to 0.075% and even lower.
Patrick Smith United States

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